How to Stop Birds From Eating Dog Food (10 tips)

how to stop birds from eating dog food

Introduction About “How to stop birds from eating dog food”

We all love our canine companions and want to ensure they enjoy their meals in peace. However, if you’ve ever found yourself in a battle between your dog’s dinner and a flock of feathered intruders, you know it can be quite the challenge. Fear not, as we’ve gathered some creative and effective strategies “How to stop birds from eating dog food” and safeguard your pup’s precious kibble.

How to keep birds away from dog food

1. Elevate the Dining Experience:

Birds are opportunistic feeders, and ground-level dog bowls make for an easy target. Elevate your dog’s food and water bowls to a height that is comfortable for them but inconvenient for winged visitors. Consider using an elevated feeder or even placing the bowls on a platform.

2. Dog Food Tray:

A pet food tray can act as a barrier between your dog’s meal and those aerial raiders. Choose a tray with raised edges to discourage birds from landing and pecking at the food. This not only keeps the food secure but also helps maintain a cleaner feeding area.

3. Opt for Enclosed Feeding Stations:

For a more comprehensive solution, invest in an enclosed feeding station designed specifically for dogs. These stations often feature a roof and sides to keep out not only birds but also other unwanted visitors like squirrels or pests.

4. Schedule Controlled Feeding Times:

Establishing a feeding schedule for your dog can help reduce the chances of birds swooping in for a snack. By feeding your pup at consistent times, you can better anticipate when birds might be most active and take preventive measures during those periods.

5. Introduce Alternative food source:

Distract birds with alternative food sources away from your dog’s bowl. Consider placing bird feeders in a different area of your yard to draw them away from your dog’s dining spot. This simple trick can redirect their attention and reduce interference during mealtime.

6. Scare Tactics:

Utilize scare tactics to discourage birds from approaching the feeding area. Hang shiny objects, like CDs or reflective tape, around the dog’s dining spot. The glint and movement will startle the birds and make them think twice before attempting a food heist.

7. Try a Wind Chime Deterrent:

Birds are sensitive to sound, and wind chimes can disrupt their comfort zone. Hanging wind chimes near the feeding area can startle birds, making them think twice before swooping in for a snack.

8. Natural Repellents:

Certain scents and tastes are unappealing to birds. Sprinkle small amounts of mild deterrents like cayenne pepper or chili powder around the feeding area. While harmless to your dog, these substances can deter birds from approaching.

9. Use Physical Barriers:

Create a physical barrier around the dog’s feeding area to discourage birds. You can use wire mesh, netting, or even repurposed materials to create a simple yet effective shield against airborne invaders.

10. Opt for a Non-slip Mat:

Invest in a non-slip mat under your dog’s food bowl. Not only does it keep the bowl in place, but it also makes it harder for birds to perch and peck at the food.

Feed the birds

Dedicated Bird Feeding Stations:

Create a designated bird feeding area away from your dog’s feeding spot. This helps establish separate territories, reducing the likelihood of canine interference in the avian dining experience.

Elevate Bird Feeders:

Install bird feeders at heights that are difficult for dogs to reach. Hanging feeders from tree branches or using pole-mounted options can provide a safe haven for birds while keeping dog food out of their reach.

Choose Bird-Friendly Foods:

Opt for bird food that doesn’t resemble dog kibble or share similar ingredients. Seeds, nuts, and suet cakes are popular choices that can attract birds without tempting your dog.

Consistency is Key:

Consistency is crucial when implementing these methods. It might take time for birds to change their habits, so patience and persistence are vital. By consistently applying deterrents, you can gradually train the birds to seek food elsewhere.

Why Do Birds Eat Dog Food?

It’s a peculiar scenario that often leaves pet owners scratching their heads. Delving into the reasons behind this behavior unveils some fascinating insights into avian behavior and their dietary preferences.

how to stop birds from eating dog food

Reasons Birds Target Dog Food:

  • Nutritional Temptation: Birds are attracted to the nutrient-rich composition of dog food. High-protein kibble can be particularly appealing, offering birds a quick and convenient source of supplementary nourishment.
  • Dietary Resemblance: The shape and texture of dry dog food can mimic the seeds and grains present in a bird’s natural diet. This resemblance, combined with the accessibility of dog food bowls, makes them an enticing option for foraging birds.
  • Social Learning and Habits: Birds learn quickly from one another. If a member of a flock discovers a new food source, others are likely to follow suit. Once a bird successfully dines on dog food, it can trigger a domino effect, turning it into a habitual behavior for the entire community.
  • Protein Cravings: During crucial periods like breeding seasons, birds may seek out protein-rich food sources. The scent of meat-based dog food can act as a magnet for birds in need of additional protein.
  • Accessibility and Feeding Habits: The placement of dog food in open spaces or low-lying areas makes it easily accessible to birds. Birds are efficient scavengers, and when they spot readily available food, they tend to investigate and take advantage of it. Furthermore, frequent feeding habits or leaving food out for extended periods can attract birds looking for consistent food sources.

How to keep birds away from dog water

There are effective and compassionate ways to ensure your dog’s water stays exclusively theirs. Now we’ll explore creative strategies to deter birds and maintain a hygienic and undisturbed water source for your beloved pet.

  • Choose the Right Bowl Design:
    Opt for a bowl with high sides or a deep basin. Birds are less likely to venture into deeper water, making it a natural deterrent.
  • Utilize a Floating Object:
    Place a floating object, such as a small rubber ball or floating disc, in the water bowl. Birds find it challenging to land on these surfaces, keeping their water excursions to a minimum.
  • Try Reflective Surfaces:
    Birds are often spooked by reflective materials. Consider placing reflective tape or small mirrors around the water bowl to create an environment that’s less inviting for our feathered friends.
  • Invest in a Water Bowl Cover:
    Explore water bowl covers designed to keep birds out. These covers are designed with openings for your dog to access the water while preventing birds from perching on the rim.
  • Change Water Placement:
    If possible, relocate the water bowl to a more sheltered or enclosed area. Birds are less likely to approach if the water source is situated in a spot that feels less exposed to them.
  • Install Motion-Activated Sprinklers:
    Motion-activated sprinklers can startle birds and discourage them from approaching the water bowl. These devices provide a gentle deterrent without causing harm.


Keeping birds away from your dog’s food requires a combination of creativity and consistency. By implementing these strategies, you can create a peaceful dining environment for your furry friend, ensuring they enjoy every bite without any unwanted avian interruptions. Experiment with different methods to find the one that works best for your unique situation, and say goodbye to the days of sharing your dog’s dinner with the local bird population.

How to stop birds from eating dog food


How do I stop my dog’s food from going everywhere?
Use specialized feeding mats, bowls with anti-slip bases, or consider slow-feeding bowls designed to minimize spills and keep your dog’s food contained.

Do dogs want to eat birds?
While some dogs may have a natural instinct to chase birds, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to eat them. It often stems from their predatory instincts.

How to keep pigeons away from dog food?
Utilize physical barriers like covers for food bowls, relocate feeding areas to less accessible spots, or employ natural deterrents such as cayenne pepper around the feeding space.

Why do birds target dog food bowls?
Birds are attracted to the scent and accessibility of dog food. It often resembles their natural diet, making it an appealing option.

Are there any bird-friendly deterrents?
Yes, you can use bird-friendly deterrents like wind chimes or reflective surfaces. These don’t harm the birds but make the feeding area less inviting.

Should I change my dog’s food to deter birds?
Changing the type of dog food may not be necessary. Focus on the feeding environment and use strategies to limit bird access instead.

Do dogs mind sharing their food with birds?
While some dogs may not be bothered, others may find it stressful. It’s best to ensure your dog’s meals remain undisturbed for their peace of mind.

Why do birds drink from my dog’s water bowl?
Birds are attracted to water sources, especially if they are easily accessible. They might perceive your dog’s water bowl as a convenient place to quench their thirst.

Will reflective surfaces harm birds?
Reflective surfaces are harmless to birds. They create a visual disturbance that deters birds without causing any physical harm.

Can I use bird repellent sprays near the water bowl?
It’s advisable to avoid chemical repellents near your dog’s water. Instead, focus on non-harmful methods to maintain a safe and enjoyable water source.

Should I cover the water bowl completely?
While covering the bowl can be effective, choose covers that allow your dog access while preventing birds from perching.

Can dogs eat bird food?
While some bird foods may be safe for dogs in small quantities, it’s best to keep them separate. Many bird foods contain ingredients that may not be suitable for canine consumption.

How do I prevent my dog from chasing birds during feeding time?
Train your dog to associate bird feeding times with positive experiences. Use treats and positive reinforcement to create a connection between the birds and calm behavior.


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